Dr. Leah Helin has been helping patients for the last five years in Encinitas. We caught up with her to talk about how she does it.

On this edition of “Everyday Encinitas,” we’re joined by Dr. Leah Helin, a sports chiropractor here in Encinitas. Her practices focus on evaluating her clients for movement, soft tissue, and custom chiropractic adjustments. Everything’s individualized, based on active movement, and teaching patients how to fix and maintain their bodies.

Here’s an outline of our full discussion, with timestamps so that you can skip ahead to the section(s) that interest you the most:

1:25 - Dr. Helin discusses her career, how her business came about, and what drove her to choose the chiropractic field
2:00 - A demo of “cupping with movement” and other tools that Dr. Helin has in her toolbelt
3:20 - Addressing some common chiropractic patient fears
4:20 - Can popping joints cause arthritis?
6:00 - Dr. Helin describes her “perfect patient”
7:05 - How a typical appointment works
8:40 - How stretching plays a role in chiropractic solutions
9:05 - My story about visiting a chiropractor after a bad fall snowboarding
10:30 - Why do Dr. Helin’s patients recommend her?
12:07 - How to find Dr. Helin
12:50 - Wrapping things up

If you have any questions for Dr. Helin, feel free to reach out to her by phone at (760) 652-9838, send an email to leahhelindc@gmail.com, or visit her website.

If you have any other questions for me, feel free to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.